Adult Hand Casts

Holding hands is a very visual way in demonstrating to the world the love & bond that exists within that relationship.

Our hand cast sculptures are a work of art. The detail we obtain in the casting process and the finish we achieve is of the highest level.

Our hands are as unique as we are and during the casting process we capture every line & character. Wearing jewellery during the mould taking makes the finished piece even more special and will pick up the design in your rings.

There are so many reasons in our life to celebrate with one of our hand clasps. Valentines day, wedding/anniversary, special relationship is to name a few. But whatever the reason a hand cast celebrates this moment perfectly.

A hand cast can also be just about you. To celebrate you as a person, a birthday or milestone, a career choice or achievement, whatever the reason it is a fun and unique way to mark it.

We have had the privilege & honour of hand casting people in celebration of life, pre hospital treatment or with life limiting illnesses. Choosing to have a hand cast or clasp done during this time period can be very emotionally driven. We treat your enquiry and your appointment with compassion & understanding.

As with all our work, we want the casting experience and the finished piece to be the best it can be. We will work to do this by understanding your wishes and expectations, assist you with poses and positioning and create a memorable, enjoyable casting experience. We carry out casting appointments at our studio, or at your convenience can visit your home, nursing home or location of your choice.