Baby Bump Casts

Awaiting the arrival of your special little person is an amazing stage in a woman’s life.

Having a baby bump cast is a wonderful way to capture how your body has changed to bring this little life into the world.

We offer a baby bump cast service. Our style of baby bump cast is perfect to keep as a memento of your much loved baby bump and is perfect to be used as an additional prop for your baby’s newborn photography shoot.

We recommend having your baby bump cast taken between 34-36 weeks. Your comfort and wellbeing during the casting appointment is our priority. When you are sitting comfortably, we will use medical grade bandage to build layers over your bump. As the bandages dry they will start to harden, they will not restrict the movement of your baby or cause you any discomfort.

We would be happy to go through the process with you in more detail. Please do get in touch with any questions you may have.