mother and baby handhold cast

Family Casts

Families can be made up in many different ways but the love of that family is the greatest gift you could ever receive.

We can create a beautiful piece of art, framed or freestanding to celebrate & capture your unique family and the bond you hold.

Depending on the mix of ages, casting a sibling group can prove to be full of high excitement and occasionally a little bit of apprehension. As there is normally two of us carrying out your appointment this does allow us to be able to recognise & help manage each childs emotions so they are comfortable with what is going to happen.

For a baby, during your appointment you will be holding your baby, whilst we take moulds, which only takes a few minutes. We will always work at yours and babies pace to make sure the entire process is an enjoyable and memorable one.

Casting your toddler & young child can be a little more inventive at times. We want the experience to be fun & enjoyable for you all.

We will adapt our process and setting times accordingly and with the aid of some distractions we are always successful.

We have worked with children with sensory sensitivity, limited movement and life limiting illnesses. We want the casting experience and the finished piece to be the best it can be, so we encourage our families to let us know anything they feel could be relevant so we can be prepared.

As with all our work, the options of poses, layouts, framing, finishes and bases is endless. There are certain layouts that can only be achieved with children over a certain age due to the process & setting times.

We have cast many family groups with differing age ranges and would be happy to advise options for your family group.