1 Year, Toddler & Older Children Casts

Watching your baby grow & develop both physically and in their own ways & character gives you so much joy.

Celebrating your baby’s first birthday with a cast of their feet & hands is an amazing way to capture this special birthday celebration. They are still so small and its wonderful capturing all those wrinkles, creases and character that you love about them.

But be assured, it is never too late. If your special little person is a toddler who is exploring the world and all that it holds, then let us capture this memory for always. They are still so little, still your baby and still have so much growing up to do.

Casting your toddler & young child can be a little more inventive at times. We want the experience to be fun & enjoyable for both you & your child.

We will adapt our process and setting times accordingly and with the aid of some distractions we are always successful.

We understand that having a cast done can sometimes be an anxious time for a child as they are not sure what to expect. We will work at your child’s pace and let them know what to expect.

There are many layouts, finishes and frames to choose from to suit all tastes. You also have the option to add your own photograph(s) within the framed piece.

Sibling Casts

Throughout the playing and bickering there is no other bond like that between siblings.

Creating a keepsake of this bond means you will always have something to hold onto even when they have grown up and flown the nest.

Depending on the mix of ages, casting a sibling group can prove to be full of high excitement and occasionally a little bit of apprehension. As there is normally two of us carrying out your appointment this does allow us to be able to recognise & help manage each child’s emotions so they are comfortable with what is going to happen.

We have worked with children with sensory sensitivity, limited movement and life limiting illnesses. We want the casting experience and the finished piece to be the best it can be, so we encourage our families to let us know anything they feel could be relevant so we can be prepared.

As with all our work, the options of poses, layouts, framing, finishes and bases is endless. You also have the option to add your own photograph(s) within the framed piece.

Please get in touch and we would be happy to suggest the perfect casting layout for your sibling group.