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Pet Casts

At Cast Create Cherish we understand that having a pet can complete your family and bring you so much joy, loyalty, love and companionship.

Having a cast taken is the perfect way to immortalise the importance of this bond.

Each animal is unique, as is each piece of art we create. We dedicate our time, experience and expertise into each bespoke piece, whether it be a dog paw, nose, cat paw or any other beloved pet.

Using the outprint or 3d cast we create beautiful framed pieces for you to treasure. You can also choose to include a photo, pet collar or favourite toy within the finished piece if you wish.

From a 3D paw cast we can also create a beautiful free standing sculpture which can include you holding your pets paw, this will require two casting sessions.

Should the painful time come to say goodbye to your cherished pet, we do offer a memorial service. Please see our Pet Sensitive Casts section for further information.